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Useful Add-ons

What follows is some member recommended add-ons. If you have a favorite add-on not listed here, please send a brief review to for inclusion on this page. Your comments are welcomed!

Trading Add-Ons

Master Merchant
This great add-on is a must for all folks interested in trading. First, it tracks your guild store sales and reminds you of what price you sold the item for. This is vital for keeping your guild store stocked and to know what merchandise is selling. Second, it will tell you what the going average price is for any given item. (Just a note here - you can usually list your item's price for a bit more than the average - as folks who unknowingly sell expensive items for way below the actual going price will lower this number a bit.) Third - it will tell give you overall statistics as to your guild store sales - including where you stand compared to your guild mates. Fourth - it will also tell you how your guild is doing - sales and tax-wise. Amazing add-on that will definitely increase the amount of gold you make in Tamriel.

This great add-on makes it easier to navigate guild stores by replacing those annoying drop-down search boxes with easy to click icons. It might take you a little bit of time to figure out the icon system, but it's well worth it. Once you learn it, it makes your shopping and selling even faster than before!

Farming Add-Ons

Harvest Map
I know there are add-ons that will tell you where all of the harvesting nodes are - but that takes away the sense of exploration that I love about the game. So to maintain that, I use Harvest Map. This add-on will mark on your map any harvest nodes that you find and will use a symbol to tell you what kind of harvest node it is, including things like chests, fishing spots, ore, wood, plants, water and runes. Super helpful for doing farming runs. 

Votan's Fish Fillet
If you're farming for Perfect Roe, you may want to try this add-on. It automatically processes all of your fish filleting. So hit one button, sit back and watch for that magic glow!

Leveling/Achievement Add-Ons

Lore Books
Ok - so I know that I said I like the exploration part of the game, but sometimes finding all of the lorebooks can be really hit or miss. In fact, I thought I was a pretty good explorer until I loaded this add-on and saw all of the lorebooks that I had missed. Finding lore books is a major way of leveling up in the Mage's Guild (if you are a member) and that's why I recommend this add-on.

Rare Fish Tracker
If you are trying to get your fishing achievements - and why not if you're fishing for Perfect Roe - then try this add-on. It will tell you what fish you have (and don't have) for the zone you're in. This is super helpful in knowing which type of water you need to fish in. 

Crafting Add-Ons

Sous Chef
I don't know how I would manage my provisioning without this amazing add-on. With all of the various recipes and ingredients in the game, it is nearly impossible to keep track of what you know and what you have. This add-on will tell you what recipes your alts know, what ingredients are used to make each and the food/drink stats.

Research Assistant
This wonderful little add-on will tell you if a given clothing, woodworking or blacksmithing item has a trait that you have yet to learn. Each item will have a color-coded square beside it telling you if you already know it, have more than one of those items in you inventory or if you need to still research it. This saves oodles of time when trying to decide whether or not to deconstruct items or save them for researching!

AI Research Grid
This add-on has taken over my hand written notes for keeping track of which alts/toons know which traits in Wood Working, Blacksmithing and Clothing. It also tells you which motifs your toons/alts know, as well as a timer on how your current research is progressing.

Combat Add-Ons

Foundry Tactical Combat 
This is a very popular user interface enhancement that adds a lot to the combat experience.

This is the tiniest add-on that turns the small group leader crown into a much larger, easy-to-see leader crown. Great if you're running in a big group and have trouble playing follow the leader!