Donation Wish List

Donations ALWAYS Needed!

Item Donations
Please send these directly to @SaSa2112. 

Also, please be aware that during events some items may or may not have much value depending on the drop rate.
  • Purple or gold motifs
  • Style Pages
  • Mats or tempers, including
    • Unrefined mats of all levels
    • CH160 refined mats
    • Perfect roe
    • Nirncrux - both potent and fortified
    • alchemy mats
    • rare style mats
    • furniture crafting mats (particularly pitch, mundane runes, heartwood)
    • Kuta
    • Rakeipa glyphs
    • Hakeijo glphys
  • Attunable crafting stations (for our crafting center)
  • Master writs
  • Any recipe or furnishing plans worth 1k or more.
  • Raw fish
  • Filled soul gems & Coldfire PvP siege engines
  • Luxury or other desirable furnishings
  • Drop Gear (*Please read gear guideline below)
  • Special Event Crafting Writs
  • Treasure Maps
Service Donations
These are donations of time that we sell at our monthly auctions.
  • 2 hours of farming (all items collected by the farmer go to the winning bidder)
  • 2 hours of fishing (all items caught by the fisher person go to the winning bidder)
  • AP (the donor buys requested unbound items using AP to be sent to the winning bidder - min 100k AP)
  • Tel Var Stones (the donor buys requested unbound items using AP to be sent to the winning bidder)
  • Writ Vouchers (the donor buys the requested item to be sent to the winning bidder)
Crown Donations
These are generally given away as bonus prizes in our weekly raffles. The crown donor gifts items requested by the winner of the prize - up to the amount of the donation.

Auction Furniture Set Donations
Please contact our auction officer @researchmonkey about donating furniture sets for the monthly auction. In fact, any auction donation questions can be forwarded to him.

*Gear Guideline: A note about gear donations: we are only interested in Epic or Legendary gear (purple or gold) with desirable traits in sets of five or more. We will accept individual rare jewelry, but less rare jewelry should be sent as sets. 

We love it when you help us complete motif books! Please MAIL all donations to @SaSa2112. Items deposited directly into the guildbank are not credited as donations.

Any donation of 1k or more counts toward keeping your membership active! You receive one month of Generous status for every 100k of donations.