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Our History

Scheming Skeever Imports is a trading guild located in the mystical and far away world of Elder Scrolls Online.

The founding members of the guild, the Guildmaster (SaSa2112) and Chief Skeever (Aparpalyptic), are avid traders in ESO. So it was with some dismay when one of their favorite guilds started to fall apart. After about a month of watching this guild decay, they got the bright idea to go check the guild roster. It became apparent that not only was about half of the guild inactive in the game, but the Guildmaster and sole remaining Officer had gone AWOL as well.

So, using a list of the remaining active members, SaSa and Aparpalyptic, decided to start Scheming Skeever Imports. They have been joined on this journey by many helpful and kind souls.

The guild was formed on Thursday, November 18, 2014. Recruitment started in earnest on Friday, Nov 19 and continued throughout the weekend. The first 50 members were given the unique rank of Founding Skeever and by Sunday night, we had enough members to bid on our trader. Come Monday morning (when the trader flip used to happen), we had our first guild kiosk.

We've been there ever since.

Since then, we've grown to 500 members and offer more than just trading, but a variety of other events as well.

Our Guild Trader & Store

Currently the cost of our guild trader is supported by taxes, member raffles, donations, and our monthly auctions. (Taxes are collected automatically from each sale and deposited into the guild bank.) This is why it is vital that every member keep all of their guild store slots full. When we have a wide selection of goods for sale, this encourages players to become repeat customers.

Our guild trader is Ramzasa, who is stationed in Hollow City, Coldharbor.

Our Mission
Not only do we want our members to be successful merchants and make lots of gold in ESO, we also want to support each other in a safe community. We strive to be friendly and helpful to newcomers - and to lend each other a helping hand. To this end we ask that you be respectful in your communications with other guild members, welcome new members when they join us, and be an active part of our growing and welcoming community. If you have concerns, questions, or ideas about the guild, the guild leadership would be more than happy to do what we can, within reason, to make Scheming Skeever Imports and Tamrielic Commerce two of the best guilds in Tamriel.

If you want to be promoted from Pup to full Skeever member, please go to the Guild Bank Guidelines page.