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Guildmistress & Her Consorts
Yep, we still have our founding GMs after all of these years!

Shastirra's Eyes (aka Officers)
We often have people ask to be an officer - and we need to say up front that being an officer is not an honorary role. Our officers are all in charge of some functional part of running the guild - whether that is running regular events for members or handling administrative duties. We welcome folks who are interested in providing services back to our members.

Membership Officers
The membership officers are responsible for all promoting Skeevers to the Golden Skeever rank once the member has made a contribution. Membership officers also communicate with new members and answers membership questions.

Trivia Officers (Head/Hosts)
The Head Trivia Officer is in charge of weekly trivia. The primary job of the Head Trivia Officer is to make sure trivia happens every week which includes scheduling our weekly MCs and pairing them with a Trivia Host officer. The Head Trivia Officer also sends out the weekly trivia prizes. If there is no MC for the evening, generally it is the Head Trivia Officer's job to fill that role.

Trivia Host Officers are responsible for running trivia night and helping the Trivia MC. (Trivia MC is not an officer position, but a volunteer who puts together the questions for the night. For more information about the responsibilities of Trivia MC, go HERE.) The weekly host is responsible for giving directions, recording winners,  on a shared Google Sheet, and assisting the weekly Trivia MC in whatever way they can.

Everyone in a Trivia Officer's role is on the lookout for new (and old) folks to come and MC a night of trivia.

Auction Officer
The auction officer puts together and manages our monthly auction fundraiser. This officer does a lot of unseen grunt work to make sure that the event runs as smoothly as possible - and includes being the host of the event. This officer also uses their primary residence as the guild's auction house.

Special Events Officer
The function of our special events officer is to create/manage/run events of interest to our members. This may include things like travel events, fishing expeditions or groups dungeon runs. This officer does not need to run each event, but would coordinate with others to make sure that the events happen. This officer is also responsible for promoting these events to the guild membership.

Trials Officer
This officer is in charge of putting together our weekly trial night! In time, we hope to grow our leadership team in this area with a number of folks who can take on the challenge of leading trial runs.

Bank Officer
The bank officer helps manage bank inventory. This may mean regularly running a guild bank add-on that stacks bank inventory and cleaning out inappropriate bank inventory. This officer also regularly reminds members about available items in the guild bank and runs give-aways of excess bank items. This officer also helps to promote our weekly raffles through guild chat.

Social Officer

The social officer monitors guild chat and gives general assistance to members as needed. Helps to develop and run social events.

Raffle Prize Assistant
This officer helps send out raffle prizes - and involves having access to our dual storage guild banks.

For more information mail: SSI Guildmaster
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In-Game UsernameRankContact About....Hierarchy
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@Aparpalyptic Chief Skeever (Co-GM) Skeever Crafting Center 
@PolgaraTheSorceress Raffle Prize/Auction Assistant Raffle Prizes 
@researchmonkey Auction Head & Foolish Monkey Auctions and Auction Donations 
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@EgoHazard Membership Officer Member Rank Promotions 
@Finnisterre Social Officer Member Interactions, Guild Community 
@LadyLavender Trivia Head Trivia Night, Becoming a Trivia MC, Trivia Prizes 
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@ObserverTim Trivia Host Trivia Night, Becoming a Trivia MC 
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