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Officer Application

In order to keep our guild running smoothly, we have a strong need for dedicated members to step into leadership positions. We ask that all officers use TeamSpeak.

Officer Process
  1. Interested members fill out an officer application form.
  2. Applications are reviewed by current officer team.
  3. Brief informal interviews will be scheduled in TeamSpeak with the officer team.
  4. Officer appointments are made!
  5. Officers may step down at any time and still remain members of the guild - as we understand that personal situations may change or that members may choose to devote more time to other pursuits (in-game or out).

Are you a dedicated Skeever? Are you in ESO pretty much every day? We are currently looking for folks to serve in the following officer capacities:

Special Events Officer
The function of our special events officer is to create/manage/run events of interest to our members. This may include things like travel events, fishing expeditions or groups dungeon runs. This officer does not need to run each event, but would coordinate with others to make sure that the events happen. This officer is also responsible for promoting these events to the guild membership.

Even if we don't have any current openings, you can always apply for any officer position. If one should become available or we expand our officer needs, we will contact you.