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Discord Server Info

Please join our Discord Server. This allows our members to communicate by voice instead of the pesky guild chat window. We also keep a lot of records on Discord like our weekly raffle winners, top sellers/buyers, trials information, and auction info.

You can get Discord for free from:

For Discord: Please see the link in our Guild "About Us" or talk to an officer to get the link.

Discord Etiquette
Try not to have extra sound muddy up the channel. Folks of all ages and jurisdictions come into our voice servers. To put it bluntly, the rest of us don't want to hear you smoking your bong or having other conversations/stuff going on in the background - so please use push to talk or otherwise turn off your mic during extracurricular activities.

If you decide to do PvE or PvP within the guild, please feel free to move your group into one of the designated chat rooms to aid in your group's communication. Being on a voice server can be really helpful for team strategizing.