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Fallen Skeevers

This is our page to memorialize Skeevers who left the game, but left their Tamrielic possessions to the guild along with a few remaining words of blessing....

Siglorian (Exp. 7.16.15)
"Alas, this is the last of me. May your guild stay strong and prosper, may the bonds of friendship forged here warm the hearts of those who fight on against the darkness. Perchance our paths may cross again in another existence.


PotassiumPermaganate (Exp 6.8.18)
As he departed, he left a vast wealth of items to insure the health and well-being of the Skeevers!
AND he has come back to the Skeevers (Spring 2020) - so WOOHOO! Once a Skeever, Always a Skeever!

arlus34a (d: 11.1.18)
We were sad to learn that arlus passed away unexpectedly. He was a generous member of our community, and those who knew him grieved his loss to the Skeevers and his greater community of friends and family.