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Guild Chat Selling Policy

OK folks - please no selling in guild chat. There are a number of reasons for this: 

1) People get tired of spam adverts for selling. Even if everyone only does this once a day - that could translate into more selling adverts than most of us want to see.

2) The guild gets a small cut of every sale done through the guildstore - about 3.5%. This translates into income that we use to hire our guild trader. We do not collect any money on private sales.

3) We have had instances where members basically run a private auction of a rare item through guild chat. Not cool for reasons of 1 and 2. Plus it diminishes/confuses people about official guild auctions.

4) It's ultimately easier to enforce. I've been in some guilds where they have elaborate rules about chat selling. It's easier for the officer team to just say - please don't do this.

If you want to sell a rare item or something undercost, then list in the guildstore and put an announcement in chat that it's up for sale IN THE GUILDSTORE! If someone wants it, they can go to the store and buy it.

WTT or WTB announcements are allowed - but if they start to become annoying, please don't get angry if you're asked to curtail those. Also, be aware of when it is appropriate to move discussions to private messaging versus making the guild having to wade through personal conversations.

Please keep in mind that we're trying to manage things with a minimum of fuss. BUT IF AN OFFICER makes a request for you to cease and desist - or asks you to move something to private chat - DO NOT HASSLE THEM ABOUT IT! I trust our officer team to work on behalf of the greater good of the guild. YOU might not get complaint letters about issues, but I certainly do.

I really appreciate your attention to this - as this seems to be an issue that crops up on a regular basis - and it's painful to have to deal with it over and over again. So hopefully this helps articulate our policy. If you have questions, please contact me (@SaSa2112) or an officer. Thanks!