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How Raffles Work

One of the questions we get asked a lot is, "Just how do our raffles work?"

Pick Your Prize Raffles
Each ticket in our raffle costs 1000 gold. Members enter the raffle by either depositing their ticket money directly into the guildbank or mailing to the GM. Multiple tickets can be purchased with a single deposit as long as the amount is in a multiple of 1000. (To make a straight donation, just make sure the number not a multiple of 1000.) These tickets are recorded on a spreadsheet. The line number of the spreadsheet becomes the actual ticket number. Using the random number generator at, we pick our winners. There is a winner for every 200 tickets sold.

Participating in a Pick Your Prize raffle will ensure that you stay on the Skeever rolls for 30 days.

Bonus Raffles
Once a month, and sometimes more often depending on donations, we will offer additional bonus prizes in addition to our regular prizes. These prizes can include gold, houses, and Crown store shopping sprees. Currently, we have a monthly 2500 Bonus Crown Raffle the 3rd Saturday of the month.

After the Raffle
Members will be sent an in-game mail informing them of their raffle win. This mail will have an attachment so that it will stay in the member's mail for 30 days. Members will have 30 days to collect their raffle prizes. After that, the prize amount will be counted as a donation to the guild. Make sure to check the raffle prize winners list on our Discord Server.

All proceeds from the raffle go toward our weekly guild trader bid. So not only is it fun, but participants are really helping the guild in a meaningful way.