12.30.16 - Pick Your Prize Raffle #45

posted Dec 31, 2016, 9:02 AM by SaSa The Singing Skeever   [ updated Jan 8, 2017, 7:39 PM ]
Psijic Ambrosia Recipe (donated by Aparpalyptic, War_greymon, and Winterborn953)

10 Psijic Amborsia (donated by Aparpalyptic)

Full Xivkyn Motif Book (donations by Aparpalyptic & DocJohnZoidberg)

Elegant Dining of Tamriel (29 unique blue/purple recipes + Orzorga's Bear Haunch Recipe!) (donated by Slickseal, Aparpalytic, Demonic_Angel & SaSa)

Crafting Mystery Bag! (Rare style mats, tempers or mats donated by Slickseal & SaSa)

Trivia Grand Prize - Special Dining of Tamriel (donated by Aparpalyptic & SaSa)