Our Sister Guilds & Associations

Trusty Skeever Emporium (previously known as Tamrielic Commerce)
Tamrielic Commerce was established on April 19, 2014 by Eraamion. The guild was exceptionally successful, expanding into three sister guilds under the names Tamrielic Commerce, Tamrielic Commerce 2, and Tamrielic Commerce 3. At one point, TC3 was disbanded and members were asked to fold into the other two guilds.

Eventually the GM left the game, as happens with so many guilds, and leadership of the guild fell into Aparpalyptic's hands. He is hoping that Tamrielic will once again be a presence in the land of Tamriel.

Currently, Trusty Skeever Emporium is working to establish a more regular trader presence through acquiring a weekly guild trader. The trader market is quite tight, sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't. If you'd like to be part of a trading with absolutely no expectations on either side, then mail Aparpalyptic for a guild invite.

Trusty Skeever's guildbank also serves as storage for both Skeever guilds.

Storage Guilds
In order to store all of those fabulous prizes you see in our raffle prize pool, we actually have three guild storage banks and numerous character mules. If you have an alt account or just have extra guild slots that you have no intention of actually using, please consider asking for membership in one of the following guilds. Again - we just need to maintain 10 members in order to keep the bank open. Both of these guilds are run by PolgaraTheSorceress. Please send membership requests to her.

Uncle Sheo's Cheese Barn
Formed strictly as a storage guild with an awesome name.

The Sworn Brothers
A defunct guild that we purchased from a member. It now serves as a storage guild.

Other Associations

Scheming Skeever Imports enjoys membership and association with both The Council of Nirn, Some Guild Friends, and The Council of Tamriel PC NA. The Council of Nirn provides mutual support between an association of guilds on guild trader flip night. They also have worked with game devs giving feedback on the game. Some Guild Friends is also an association of traders that have pledged to work together to maintain our desired trader locations. The Council of Tamriel PC NA is a newer, looser group which maintains an extensive blacklist/warning list about players in the game who are potential scammers, bank thieves, and other miscreants. It also provides support for game GMs.