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Know Your Market - Updated for One Tamriel

posted Dec 19, 2016, 10:40 PM by SaSa The Singing Skeever

As you immerse yourself into the selling game, there are many variables to take into account when trying to maximize your sales.

We’ve all heard the old maximum, “Location! Location! Location!” and that is true in ESO as well.

If you are lucky enough to have five guilds all with guild traders, you may notice that all stores are not created equal - AND that merchandise that flies off the shelves of one store, languishes in another. This is because, unlike Auction House systems, guild stores DO have a certain clientele depending on where the guild trader is located.

First - what zone level is your guild trader in? While all players can travel anywhere they want with One Tamriel, you will also have a larger than average clientele based on the zone level. So if the guild trader is in zone 3, most of the characters are somewhere between level 25-35. This generally means that materials, foods, potions, etc, should probably be skewed to your largest clientele base. That is not to say that you can’t sell everything in your store - you can and should! (Diversification is good! And your guildmates are also part of the clientele base.) But you may want to give some attention to the clients who will most likely to access your store given its location. You will have the widest customer base in Rawl'Ka and the capital cities. The capital cities are popular because the Undaunted pledges run through there. And Rawl'Ka seems to be the undisputed prime location - mainly because the wayshrine, guild traders, and bank are SO close together. I've found our trader in Coldharbour is particularly good for selling Level 40-50 gear. Of course, because it's a looting zone and because we're right beside a wayshrine, we get a lot of general traffic as well.

Location can also determine the rarity of an item. Some items are more rare in particular factions. So, offering those rare items in a store within that faction can also lead to more sales, because it’s less likely that the character will run across it. (I’m think Dwemer items are more rare to AD, out of faction recipes sell better than inner-faction recipes, etc.)

While some items may have near universal sales potential, it can also be helpful to consider just where your guild traders are located in order to meet the specialized needs of that market. You might find that your sales go up when you do!

Happy Trading!