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The Power of Diversification

posted Dec 20, 2016, 5:51 AM by SaSa The Singing Skeever
You’ve gone to those stores - there are 10 of the exact same thing listed in a row. Your eyes glaze over as you scroll past those listings.

Look - we’ve all got a lot of something that we’d like to get rid of. The problem is, when you list a bunch of the exact same thing, it sends a message to the buyer that said thing is plentiful. It makes it easy to put off that purchase unless it is needed for something immediately. Here are some ways to get around this problem.

  • Consider selling wholesale to someone else in the guild. They might be able to sell it in other guild stores. You provide them with inventory AND you get some of your storage slots back.
  • Break up the amounts. Instead of putting up two stacks of 200 - consider putting up different increments: Perhaps a ¼ or ½ stack (50 or 100) in addition to the full stack. Consider giving a price break for buying in bulk. Charge more per piece for smaller increments.
  • Spread out your items amongst other guild stores. If you have 5 stacks of rubedo ingots, put 1 stack in each guild store instead of putting all of them in one. (Of course, this is assuming you are part of five guilds.
  • Become an ESO Prime member. The crafting bag is worth the money.
  • Create character mules. For those of you who are new, consider creating the other characters that you might play later. Use their pack slots for overage storage.
The more diversified our guild store listings are, the more buyers we will attract.

And don’t forget - please keep your 30 sales slots filled!