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3rd Skeeversary Weekend Events!

posted Nov 16, 2017, 3:58 AM by SaSa The Singing Skeever   [ updated Feb 3, 2019, 6:53 AM ]
Join us for a fun weekend of events as we celebrate our 3rd Skeeversaryt!

Skeeversary Events
(All times listed are US EST. AWST is +13 hours)

Friday, Nov 17
8pm - Trials Night w/MiOWNd
Normal Sanctum Ophidia as a warm up followed by a Normal Halls of Fabrication run. You must have the Morrowind Expansion to do HoF.

Saturday, Nov 18
8am - 9am Quest Clearing w/tmande2nd
Do you have quests clogging up your log that need groups to complete? Then join @tmande2nd to finish them off! (Or just join to help others!) 

3pm - Orsinium WB Run w/SaSa
Take advantage of the Orsinium Anniversary Event to get double rewards! We will be doing all of the Orsinium daily World Bosses.

8:30pm - Trivia & Raffle w/LadyLavender & SaSa
Earn gold for answering trivia questions! Play our weekly raffle to get a chance to win great prizes!

9:15pm - Naked Dungeon Run w/Finnisterre
Let's get naked and beat up those monsters with just our fists! (Healing staves allowed for healing!) This is a hysterically fun event for those of you who have never experienced one!

Sunday, Nov 19
8am - Orsinium WB Run w/SaSa & Aparpalyptic
5pm - Fishing Party w/SaSa & Aparpalyptic
Join us for some fishing fun! Let's see if we can't knock off some of those rare fish for those of you working toward getting your fishing achievement!

8pm - AUCTION! w/SaSa & Aparpalyptic
We will be auctioning off the amazing furniture sets found upstairs at the guildhall. If you cannot be present, we can have the auctioneer bid for you. (You just need to tell us your top bid.)