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Double Raffle & Feb 2018 Monthly Auction

posted Jan 30, 2018, 6:52 PM by SaSa The Singing Skeever   [ updated Feb 3, 2019, 6:32 AM ]
 On Saturday, Feb 3, the Skeevers will be hosting trivia, a double raffle, and our first monthly auction. The raffle is to make up for the Jan 27th raffle that didn't happen because of illness. 

Here is the full auction listing. You may mail bids to @SaSa2112. We reserve the right to set reserves on our auction lots. 

Indoril Streetlight, Full Stone (x2)
Indoril Lightpost, Stone (x3)
Indoril Streetlight, Stone

LOT 2 - 6 Unique Fish from the Wall O'Fish

LOT 3 - :bathtub: Room Set - High Elf Bathroom Enjoy a luxurous day lounging in the tub enjoying scented oils, bubbles and endless hotwater! Hlaalu Bathtub
Hlaalu Lantern, Oversized Velum
High Elf Carpet, Tree Themed
High Elf Screen, Delicate
HIgh Elf End Table, Verdant
Hlaalu Hand Towel
Bottle, Elixir
Vial, Delicate

Soul Gem, Grand
Soul Gem, Great
Common Soul Gem, Empty
Lesser Soul Gem, Empty

LOT 5 - Diagram: Clockwork Somnolostation

LOT 6 - Orsinium Relief, Malacath

LOT 7 - Epic Werewolf Hide Ring (x2)

LOT 8 - 2 Hours of Fishing by Aparpalyptic

LOT 9 - :gear: :shirt: :jeans:Room Set: THAR TUK MAH JERB!! - Clockwork Textile Manufacturing (Auction Hall, inside, upstairs, left side stairs)

Are you tired of waiting days for ill-fitting handmade clothes? Do your seams never line up straight? Tired of different length pants legs? Well those days are past! Welcome to the age of automated production, with every garment machine made to precise specifiactions. An endless supply of identical items ready for use in just minutes instead of days! This manufacturing set has everything you need to start your very own clockwork garment factory. Just connect it to steam power and you are ready to go. This room set makes all hand-made Khajiit clothing emporiums obsolete. UPGRADE TODAY!

Clockwork Cabinet, Sequence Plague
Clockwork Loom, Sturdy
Quality Fabric, Stacked
Spool, Blue Thread
Clockwork Pump, Vertical
Clockwork Illuminator, Compact Stand (x2)
Clockwork Table, Octagon
Quality Fabric, Folded
Spool, Empty
Khajiit Ponder Sphere
Clockwork Control Panel, Single

LOT 10 - 125,000 Tel Var Stones donated by Chanteur (Please make sure that what you want can be bought by Tel Var Stones AND that it is NOT bind on pickup. Chanteur will need to buy your "order" for you, and then send it on to you.