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Even More Changes for the New Year....

posted Jan 16, 2018, 3:37 PM by SaSa The Singing Skeever   [ updated Feb 3, 2019, 6:34 AM ]
As the wheel year turns, it's always time to do a little looking backward in order to make changes going forward....

Monthly Auctions
We will be holding an auction on the first Saturday of each month. The current bidding landscape requires guilds to raise ever more funds in order to secure a guild trader. Not coincidentally, we also have some amazing designers/decorators/architects who are willing to share (read donate) their vision with our members by offering some wonderful rooms of furniture. So our auctions will be a combination of furniture sets, rare individual pieces (this includes plans, gear, or other items), and/or other items like farming/fishing times, AP, or even Telvar.

The biggest change will be how auction lots are put together and advertised. We anticipate opening bids for items a week before the items close. This way members can participate without having to be present in game during the auction time. Auction items are stored in the Guild Auction House (@PolgaraTheSorceress's Primary Residence). Everything in the Auction House will eventually be up for auction - in essence the Auction House is a display & storage area. If there is something there that you really want us to auction off soon, please contact @SaSa2112 to have your item added to the monthly auction listing. Please note that some items will have a reserve amount that must be met in order to be sold.

Generous Skeevers
For each 50k in donations, a member will get 30 days of generous status. We keep track of all of the donations worth more than 1k and will promote/demote as appropriate. Raffle winners that choose to donate their prizes back to the Skeevers will receive donation credit for that. You also can donate money directly to the guild by making sure that deposited amounts in the guildbank are not a multiple of 1000. We keep track of that too! Additionally, Generous Skeevers get an extra 30 days inactivity before being booted for, well, inactivity. We really can't hold onto inactive members for long periods of time. 

Prolific Skeevers
When we lost our trader a couple of weeks ago, we flipped the script on Prolific Skeevers, instead honoring the Top Ten Buyers. Well, we've decided to hold on to part of that by honoring top buyers every week. In addition to our Top Ten Sellers, any member that buys over 100k worth of stuff from the Skeevers Guildstore will be promoted to Prolific Skeever for the week! We appreciate those of you who support the guild by purchasing from other guild members!

We would like to take time to acknowledge the fabulous officer corps and membership that make the Skeevers an awesome community to be a part of! Thank you so much!