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Furniture Auction Event!

posted Nov 16, 2017, 6:37 AM by SaSa The Singing Skeever   [ updated Feb 3, 2019, 6:32 AM ]
We will be capping off our Skeeversary weekend with an amazing furniture auction. We will be auctioning off complete sets, perfect for any home in Tamriel. (The post will be updated with screenshots and full descriptions of the rooms will be auctioning off.) To see these items in person, please see the item description for its location.

The bidding will start at 8pm EST on Sunday, November 19. If you cannot be present for the auction, but would like to participate, please send a mail to @SaSa2112 with the items you would like to bid on, along with your top bid for each item. An officer will then bid in your stead. Winners who are not online during the auction will be contacted by mail.

These sets have been thoughtfully put together and many contain rare, legendary furniture items. Much attention has been paid to the details of these sets. 

The following sets can be seen on the 2nd floor of the guild hall. The guildhall can be accessed by traveling to SaSa2112's primary residence.

Lot 1 A Nasty Nord's Booty 
ARRRG! Does yea pile of booty be looking flat 'n drab? Do thee other pirates giggle behind yea back at yea lack of bling? If yea be suffered from these cursed conditions then be bidding on this Nasty Nord's Booty! 

Yea booty will be augmented (dat be meaning 'made bigger') with these shinies:
  • Nord Tapestry Ship
  • Nord Rug, BearskinNord Chest, Latched
  • High Elf Candelabra
  • High Elf Basin, Standing
  • High Elf Vase
  • Goblet, Guilded x2
  • Redguard Spitoon
  • Redguard Urn, Star
  • Redguard Bowl, Guilded

Lot 2 High Elf Garden Getaway

Gentle-folk, do you long for a simpler time of quiet contemplation and perfumed garden air? Leave the hustle and bustle of an adventuere's life behind with this superb lot to enhance your indoor or outdoor garden. Sit and relax with a friend and enjoy some sweet wine and a warm brazier.

The High Elf Garden Getaway includes:

  • High Elf Tapestry, Tree-Themed
  • High Elf Brazier, Winged
  • High Elf Bench, Covered x2
  • High Elf End Table, Verdant
  • High Elf Bottle, Winged
  • High Elf Flute, Wine x2

Lot 3 Fast-Ali's Greasy Kabob Franchise

Do you dread every knock on the door? Do you leave your mail unopenned? Do you worry about your debts piling up? Well fear no more! The answer to your financial worries is here. It's time to turn your debts into profits with Fast-ALi's Greasy Kabob Franchise. Watch as queues of customers line up for your home cooked Fast-Ali's Greasy Kabobs! This lot with make you gold!!!

The Franchise Includes:
  • Redguard Awning, Desert Flame
  • Redguard Counter, Grill
  • Redguard Counter x2
  • Redguard Kabobs, Plate
  • Redguard Kabobs, Wax x2
  • Khaajit Stool, Clawfoot x2
  • Painting of Bridge, Bolted

Lot 4 Breton Fine Dining

Are you a fine cook, but never invite people to you house for dinner? Does your old, tired and warped dining furnishings make you ashamed to host a dinner party? Well worry no longer! This lot will make you the hostess with the mostest!

The fine dinging suite includes:

  • Breton Rug, Starburst
  • Breton Dining Table, Formal
  • Breton Table Runner, blue
  • Breton Trestle, Formal
  • Goblet, Guilded x6
  • Breton Throne
  • Breton Armchair, Padded
  • Bottle, Wine
  • Bottle, Liquer
  • Pie Dish, Display
  • Pie Dish, Empty
  • Sweetroll
  • Grapes, Bunch
  • Cheese, Wedge
  • Painting of Crags, Study


t's the classic dice-rolling challenge of YAHTZEE, and you'll shake, score and shout! Can you roll the right combinations to beat the competition? With each round, decide which dice to keep on your first, second and third rolls, then roll again or play it as it lays. Try for a full house or gamble everything on a YAHTZEE - five of a kind! Suitable for 8 - 80 years of age.

Game includes:
  • Redguard Carpet, Dunes
  • Redguard Table, Gaming
  • Redguard Armchair, Padded x4
  • Gaming Die x5
  • Redguard Cup, Empty
  • Papers, Stack
  • Common Inkwell, Practical
  • Common Quill, Feather
  • Painting of Jungle, Sturdy

More descriptions coming soon! But in the meantime, here are some pics....

LOT 6 - Khaajit Lounge https://i.imgur.com/hhHPF9e.jpg

LOT 7 - Hlaalu Bathing Experience https://i.imgur.com/vlTYLDd.jpg

LOT 8 -  Orchish Alchemist's Study https://i.imgur.com/P8byhz7.jpg

LOT 9 - Breton Master Bed https://i.imgur.com/lK4VR9B.jpg

The following set can be seen in the crafting center. Go to the left (or right) from the entrance, and circle around to the room upstairs. The crafting center can be accessed by traveling to Aparpalyptic's primary residence.

LOT 10  - Dark Elf Bar https://i.imgur.com/utIjiKz.jpg

The following set can be seen at Eedat's primary residence. It is the bedroom  in the second room on the left.

LOT 11  - Telvanni Bedroom Suite