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New Monthly Crown Raffle and Other Important Stuffs!

posted Jul 4, 2018, 7:37 AM by SaSa The Singing Skeever   [ updated Feb 3, 2019, 6:48 AM ]
Donations vs Raffle
Donations are just things that you are donating to the guild. You receive donation credit which counts towards Generous rank. Don't put item donations in the guildbank. They must be mailed to me as we have an open guildbank policy.

Please be specific in your donation and raffle mails. Gold sent with the notation of DONATION will be counted as such. If you want the money to be used toward raffle tickets, then you must say that the money is for the raffle.

In the guildbank, raffle tickets are counted when deposits are made in multiples of 1000. DONATIONS on the other hand, are counted when the gold is not in a multiple of 1000. Also, as I record donations and ticket sales, reimbursement for items taken from the guildbank are not counted as either.

Generous Rank
Generous Skeevers are folks who donate significantly to the financial well-being of the guild. For every 50k donated (in either items or gold), a member will be promoted to the rank of Generous Skeever for 1 month.

Donations have to be worth more than 1000g to get recorded. (If you're going to send treasure maps - which we need - please send multiples, not just one or two.)

Skeevers holding the Generous rank will receive a +1 Raffle bonus should they happen to win a prize. This means that if you win a Group 4 prize, a Generous Skeever will be bumped up to a Group 3 prize.

Reminder mails will go out to Generous Skeevers when their rank runs out. If you don't want to receive these reminder messages, please let SaSa know.

New Auction Policy!
10% of Auction purchases now count toward generous rank. Our auctions are on the first Saturday of the month! This month we have 2 hours of Summerset fishing, as well as 1 million AP up for grabs. And as usual, we have a wonderful assortment of beautifully decorated rooms. You can see the rooms at our Auction House, which is @PolgaraTheSorceress' primary residence. Lot descriptions can be found in our Discord #auction-house channel, and here on the website. Again - if you can't be on during the auction, you can still have an officer bid for you. Auction bids can be sent to SaSa2112, PolgaraTheSorceress, or researchmonkey.

On the third Saturday of the month, we will have a special CROWN RAFFLE! We will draw a special winner who will receive a 2000 Crown shopping spree from the Crown Store! Just enter the raffle like normal - and have an extra chance to win! Our first Crown Raffle will be on July 21!