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Skeever Milestones!

posted Mar 22, 2015, 10:56 AM by SaSa The Singing Skeever   [ updated Apr 2, 2017, 7:42 AM ]
Because we've grown so rapidly lately, we had a desperate need to expand the leadership team. First off, we want to thank the many folks who applied to become a guild officer. We also want to thank those who have stepped up to take on this extra responsibility.

Our new officers are:
@gararion and @GreyAzazel are taking on the Guild Bank. It's a difficult job and already we've had a couple of challenges regarding guild bank usage. (One which resulted in the removal of a member.) To block everyone from the bank is to punish everyone for the actions of a few, but to not monitor the bank, allows the few to take advantage of everyone else. As always, it's a delicate balance to try to keep guild bank transactions reasonable and fair. Please be kind as we continue to negotiate this difficult dance.

@Saadz has come in a'blazing as our new Recruitment officer. His diligent work got us to 500 members! Now that we've topped out, we will be going back and "kicking" old inactive members. This wasn't a priority for us, since we weren't to capacity. We promise that we're not kicking anyone who has been on within the last two weeks.

We still have a need for folks who might want to take on organizing or running events. So if you're interested, please contact @SaSa2112 with your ideas.

Growing Pains
As we've hit 500 members, some growing pains have occurred. First, sometimes folks forget guild bank policy and go a bit nuts. Most likely if that happens, you may find yourself demoted back to recruit for awhile and restitution will need to happen. We recently had a member take every weapon and piece of armor out of the guild bank and put back in a minuscule amount of mats. He is now no longer a part of the guild.

Also, we recently had an incident of very bad behavior in guild chat. While we understand that this is primarily a trading guild, it is also a community of supportive members. Folks who violate safe space, particularly after a warning, are likely going to be looking for a new guild. If you want to watch or participate in bad behavior, there is always zone chat. Please keep it out of the guild.

Thanks for being a part of this growing guild as we continue to find ways to make ESO a more enjoyable experience for our members.