Embracing Our Skeever Family!

posted Jun 7, 2020, 10:20 AM by SaSa The Singing Skeever

Last week, we rebranded the old Tamrielic Commerce (boring) to Trusty Skeever Emporium! We decided to be more aggressive in getting a guild trader and bringing more Skeevers into the fold!

To celebrate - we are hosting a duel guild SUPER raffle! Starting on Monday, June 8th @approx 8pm - we will be giving away a Packrat A Day! We know every Skeever needs MORE PACK SPACE! Plus, having our very own domesticated companion Skeever shows just how Skeevery we are! So that’s FIVE Packrats that we will be awarding throughout the week. ENTER EARLY AND ENTER OFTEN! The earlier you enter, the more chances you have to win - BECAUSE ONCE YOU’VE BOUGHT TICKETS - THEY STAY IN THE ENTIRE WEEK! 

After Saturday’s trivia, we will be doing a SPECIAL raffle. This will NOT be a Pick Your Prize raffle, but instead, we will be giving away some special prizes including:

*Packrat #6 - Didn’t win through the week? One more chance!
*600 Raw Fish (@Ayataa)
*Luxury Enchanted Lighting Furnishing Pack
*Legendary Glyph Pack (includes Gold Tri-Stat + others)
*12 Treasure Maps

*Tamriel Carryout (4 Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl + 4 Clockwork Citrus Filet)
*8 Psijic Ambrosia

*Alchemy Leveling Kit
*5 individual drawings for THE Shimmering Cheese! (because, duh, Skeevers!)

We may be adding more prizes as the week goes on….Please contact @SaSa2112 if you would like to donate!