It's Our 5th Skeeversary!

posted Nov 17, 2019, 12:12 PM by SaSa The Singing Skeever
Hey Skeevers! Know what time it is?

It’s our 5th Skeeversary!!!

And do we have a week of Skeeversary fun for you all!

First, we will be doing a special raffle week! Starting on Monday, November 18@approximately 8pm each day - we will be giving away a Pig A Day in the form of the Bristleneck War Boar. Because what does every Skeever need? MORE PACK SPACE! If you already have the pig, you will get 1200 crowns instead!

So that’s FIVE Porcine Pack animals throughout the week - so you’d be best to enter early and often! Because the earlier you enter, the more chances you have to win - BECAUSE ONCE YOU’VE BOUGHT TICKETS - THEY STAY IN THE ENTIRE WEEK!

Then, on Saturday, Nov 23, we will be having DOUBLE TRIVIA with GM @SaSa2112! Lots of chances to win gold and special prizes!

After trivia, we will be doing a SPECIAL Skeeversary raffle. This will NOT be a Pick Your Prize raffle, but instead, we will be giving away some BIG prizes including: 

  • 5000 Crowns - because 5 is such a special number this year! This means you could choose to get your very own kitty banker/merchant or other giftable items/upgrades totaling up to 5000 Crowns! (SaSa2112 & Aparpalyptic)

  • Home Skeeve Home - a HOUSE - worth up to 500k! (Finnisterre)

  • 3 Gold Furnishing plans of the winners choice from either Master Writ Merchants (Charibdes)

  • 500 Raw Fish (ayataa)

  • Luxury Furnishing Pack

  • 20 Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch

  • 5 New Life Charity Writs

  • 5 individual drawings for THE Shimmering Cheese! (because, duh, Skeevers!)

  • And MORE….we will be adding more prizes as the week goes on….Please contact @SaSa2112 if you would like to donate!

But that’s not ALL! 


We will be hosting a special furnishing build contest! The three categories are: Skeeversary Cake, Skeever Statue, and Best Party Scene! You can enter once in each category. Please contact @Finnisterre for more info. Entries are due 6pm EST on Saturday, Nov 23. Guild voting determines the winner. Winners will be announced Sat, Nov 30 after the raffle! Winners will receive some fabulous furnishing prizes! We also hope to do a mini-tour of entries after Saturday night’s raffle.

And don’t forget, we also have our normal Thursday night trials run with Granamere. This week we will be running normal Aetherian Archives.

Thanks to everyone for making Skeevers such a great guild to be a part of!

@SaSa2112 and @Aparpalyptic