March Madness and MORE!

posted Mar 1, 2020, 12:18 PM by SaSa The Singing Skeever   [ updated Mar 1, 2020, 12:23 PM ]

So working full-time and being a GM can truly be a struggle. Over the past couple of months I have implemented changes to help reduce that load while still providing updates and information to members.

But before I talk about the changes made in the last two months, I am so amazingly pleased to announce…

Skeever March Madness!

One of our members, Glorious, has INCREDIBLY donated a 5000 Crown Bonus prize EVERY WEEK IN MARCH! Right after Glorious made their offer, then Schoolmarm offered a 3000 Crown Bonus prize for the first Saturday’s raffle. Added to our monthly 2500 Crown prize on the 3rd Saturday, are offering a LOT of valuable Crown prizes to our members! If you are gold-rich and crown poor, this is THE MONTH to enter the raffle!

Saturday, March 7

Weekly Trivia Pick Your Prize Raffle + 5000 Crown Bonus Prize + 3000 Crown Bonus Prize followed by our Monthly Auction

Saturday, March 14 Weekly Trivia

Pick Your Prize Raffle + 5000 Crown Bonus Prize followed by our Skeever Romp

Saturday, March 21

Weekly Trivia Pick Your Prize Raffle + 5000 Crown Bonus Prize + 2500 Crown Bonus Prize followed by a House Party hosted by Geekmeowt

Saturday, March 28 Weekly Trivia Pick Your Prize Raffle + 5000 Crown Bonus Prize followed by Jester’s Festival Guild Event

Of course, we’ll still be having Thursday night Trials/Event groups and Saturday night Trivia. NEW - volunteer to be a Trivia MC and get promoted to Generous for 30 days! Contact LadyLavender to get on our trivia schedule.

Stream-Lined Skeevers

As I already mentioned, there have been a number of changes to Skeever operations the last couple of months. For those interested, I have included more details about why (and in some cases how) we’ve made them.


When we first started our Pick Your Prize Raffles, we were pretty happy to get to 10 prizes a week. However, as the trading game grew more intense and increased our need to raise funds, these raffles grew to giving out 30 or more prizes a week. We are super proud of our unique raffle, which gives so much choice to our members. This is rooted in the belief that we wanted to help members help themselves through our events (even through something as mundane as a raffle!) - and that different players focus on different aspects of the game. But each winner requires a minimum of 3 mails per prize: one to notify the winner, one for the winner to send back their choices, and one (or more) to send those prizes back. By sending out half the prizes and making them worth twice as much, we’ve been able to substantially reduce the amount of time we spend each week in raffle prize distribution, while being able to offer additional high-priced items as prizes.

Membership Ranks

The original thought about the ranking system was to front load information about whether or not someone had purchased raffle tickets any given week. This was in direct response to shutting down the guild’s gold information access. We were worried that people would be upset that they couldn’t see the record of their guild deposits. It also allowed me to send very targeted reminder mails to members. We really do feel that this is a supportive community, and we never  want to just kick members if we can at all help it.

When we started this system it was VERY time-consuming, but with experience, I was able to reduce the time spent on it. But after 8 months of practice, I realized that it was just about as efficient as it was going to be. It was taking about 45 minutes to an hour each night to record tickets and do promotions. In fact, I was doing about 130 - 200 promotions per week. Because of the complexity of this system, it was very hard for me to delegate many of the most onerous membership tasks. 

So, after researchmonkey made the comment that I was not good at delegating, I realized that it was because I had created a behemoth of a system that didn’t ALLOW me to delegate. This epiphany made me rethink my original premises. So, instead of promoting every time someone purchased a raffle ticket or made a donation, I decided to make this promotion once a month. This will happen the first time in a month when someone donates or buys raffle tickets. This means that we expect members to contribute each calendar month, instead of each 30 days. Additionally, I was able to solicit the help of AliasBurn and EgoHazard to help keep promotions up to date, taking on more of that load as well.

Since I didn’t need weekly raffle ranks, I was able to re-split out the Founding Skeever, Generous Skeevers, and Fortune 500 Skeevers ranks. This has made updating those ranks MUCH easier and faster to do. For more in-depth descriptions on those ranks, please check out the webpage HERE!

Donor Acknowledgements

I have tried (and usually failed) to send weekly mails about Skeevers who donate to the guild. So, my plan is to do one announcement a month, in Discord, to acknowledge these wonderful folks.

We know with absolute certainty, that our guild is only great, because of our amazing supporters and members. Thanks so much for making this such an amazing guild!

Stay Cheesy!

SaSa (& Parp - aka Aparpalyptic)