NEW Scheming Skeever Member Requirements Starting 6.1.21!

posted May 31, 2021, 7:01 PM by SaSa The Singing Skeever
Here are the NEW Scheming Skeever Membership Monthly Requirements:

1) 10k per MONTH contribution - if done as gold it needs to be 10k or more in ONE bulk deposit (i.e. NOT spread out over the month). All of the same sources for contributions count as before: raffle tickets, gold donation, auction purchase, item donation, or auction donation. (Officers, Fortune 500 or Generous Skeevers are still exempt.)

2) Member may be removed during the month if two of the three following  conditions are met:
     A) not online within the last 14 days
     B) no sales within the last 14 days
     C) current monthly contribution has not been made

3) Member rollover will happen at the end of the month and at that point any members who are still Endangered rank (i.e. haven't made the monthly contribution), will be removed.

We will be working on updating the FAQ sometime mid-June, so keep an eye out for that!